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RV Intelligence

RV Intelligence has based its growth and development on the personal experiences of its founders. The goal - to utilize the latest technology to solve many of the fundamental challenges presented by the RV lifestyle by helping customers to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying life on the open road.

Challenge IconThe Challenge

RV Intelligence required an easy-to-understand solution that would quickly guide users in leveling their RV on uneven ground. The solution needed to be appealing and intuitive, matching the technical skill levels of the end-user and providing easy to act on feedback to ensure proper operations.

The Solution

The WoBLR - A mobile application that would incorporate data from a Bluetooth-enabled level indicating device that the client needed to address multiple user-centric requirements:

  1. Make it easy to use (setup, pairing, and personalization)
  2. Make the design intuitive
  3. Ensure a high level of customer adoption to enhance steady usage and build brand loyalty
  4. Highlight the brand's Made In America pride

AgileSRC Development and Design teams worked hand-in-hand with RV Intelligence to understand the hardware and UI/UX needs to ensure a problem-free pairing process and user experience.

  1. The team first focused on application integration with the Bluetooth-enabled WoBLR hardware. Both the physical hardware device and the application needed to share real-time data that would ensure a frustration-free usage experience.
  2. Next, AgileSRC needed to make sure that our UI design would meet the demographic needs of the client's user base. According to RVIA (the RV Industry Association), a nationally recognized trade group, 66% of RV owners are 55+, with a growing number of younger owners entering the market yearly. Our design approach needed to not only be appealing to all but focus on the ability to get started quickly by creating a design that uses an easy-to-understand icon set for any user. To enhance this experience, the team utilized an easily accessible trigram (aka Hamburger) menu where users could fully understand the presented icons in addition to the permanently anchored icon set located at the bottom of the app.
  3. Finally, RV Intelligence wanted to ensure market growth by ensuring that customers fully engaged with the WoBLR and had easy access to assistance if needed. From straightforward and uncomplicated app messaging to quick in-app access to help. AgileSRC worked with the client to align its focus on the end user, further instilling RV Intelligence's domination in the automation of the RV Lifestyle.

AgileSRC's development and design work ultimately helped RV Intelligence to gain market share and opened the door to distribution deals with both Walmart and Camping World.







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