BlueWaters Unity3D Plugin Case Study

Giving your simulations new depth.


Unity3D is a leading simulation engine used throughout the world for games, simulations and training. AgileSRC’s highly experienced and visionary Unity3D development experts have developed BlueWaters, a plugin for stunning renderings of water within the Unity3D environment.


Dynamic Waves IconDynamic Wave Creation

BlueWaters supports fast and dynamic wave creation for realistic simulation and visualizations.

Light Reflection IconLighting & Reflections

Take your imagery to the next level with BlueWaters. Thanks to its support for realistic interactions between light and water, BlueWaters will give your simulations a more authentic and vibrant vibe.

Collisions and Interactions IconCollisions and Interactions

Simulations developed with BlueWaters are highly responsive to objects that interact with water. Support includes ship wakes, rotor washes, and object impacts.

3D Waves Icon3-Dimensional Waves

Unlike other wave-simulation software, BlueWaters does not rely on water shaders to create the illusion of waves. Instead, BlueWaters employs Inverse Fast-Fourier Transforms (FTT's) to generate thousands of 3-dimensional waves per frame.

Wether IconWeather

BlueWaters simulations are highly adaptable to their environment. Weather conditions influence wavelengths and amplitudes.

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Next Steps

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