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About Our AWS Services

AWS is a remarkable environment for taking businesses to the next level using efficient, cost-effective infrastructure, tools, and resources that in the past have been out of reach for most businesses. AWS doesnā€™t make the apps or solutions ā€“ they have created a biome that puts all the modern tools at your fingertips without the budget-busting costs of the past.

Let AgileSRC advise and guide your journey into AWS ā€“ our team has the experience and certification to ensure that your most complex jobs will always be delivered on time, within budget, and created to advance your company today and into the future.

Raise your Security Posture with AWS Infrastructure and Services

Using AgileSRC and AWS, you will gain the control and confidence you need to securely run your business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. As an AWS customer, you will benefit from AWS data centers and a network architected to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices. With AWS, you can improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality, with our comprehensive services and features.

AWS allows you to automate manual security tasks so you can shift your focus to scaling and innovating your business. Plus, you pay only for the services that you use. All customers benefit from AWS being the only commercial cloud that has had its service offerings and associated supply chain vetted and accepted as secure enough for top-secret workloads.

  • Scale Securely with Superior Visibility and Control
  • Automate and Reduce Risk with Deeply Integrated Services
  • Build with the Highest Standards for Privacy and Data Security
  • Largest Ecosystem of Security Partners and Solutions
  • Inherit the Most Comprehensive Security and Compliance Controls

Build Modern Applications with Databases on AWS

AWS provides the broadest selection of purpose-built databases allowing you to save, grow, and innovate faster.

build Purpose Built

Choose from 15+ purpose-built database engines, including relational, key-value, document, in-memory, graph, time series, wide column, and ledger databases.

insights Performance at Scale

Get relational databases that are 3-5X faster than popular alternatives or non-relational databases that give you microsecond to sub-millisecond latency.

settings_suggest Fully Managed

AWS continuously monitors your clusters to keep your workloads running with self-healing storage and automated scaling so that you can focus on application development.

private_connectivity Secure and Highly Available

AWS databases are built for business-critical enterprise workloads, offering high availability, reliability, and security.

Compute for any workload

Instances, containers, and serverless computing

Millions of organizations run diverse workloads on the AWS compute platform. Recognized as a leader for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services for the 11th straight year, AWS is helping organizations like Lyft, Netflix, Coca-Cola, and Moderna lower infrastructure costs and accelerate innovation on the world's most reliable, secure, and capable cloud.

  • From idea to market, faster
  • Security, built-in
  • Flexibility to optimize costs
  • Compute where you need it
Advantages of Serverless Computing with AWS

At AgileSRC, we embrace and promote the virtues of AWS Serverless application development and deployment. AWS serverless architecture allows our developers to focus solely on writing code, eliminating the complexities of server management and maintenance.

Lambda gives you the ability to focus on code and scalability without worrying about managing servers.

API Gateway provides powerful tools to create, publish, secure, and manage APIs, acting as the front door for seamless access to backend services.







About AgileSRC and AWS

With a focus on being highly responsive and adaptive, AgileSRC provides unique experience and capabilities that blend the right mixture of quality, performance, and cost. From short-burn software development efforts to designing and building end-to-end projects, AgileSRC can operate autonomously or as a complementary team to help you achieve your technical and project goals. To achieve these goals, AgileSRC depends on the advanced power and solutions that AWS offers.

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