cloud_uploadCloud Migration Case Study

AgileSRC LLC helps client Migrate to AWS for better control of costs and data.

Karasu Technologies

Karasu Technologies is a leader in the development of business solutions that create efficiencies, add to the bottom line and drive and retain your client base for long-term profitable relationships. Our solutions see beyond the facts and figures and help you to grow your business based on data analysis instead of hunches.

Challenge IconThe Challenge

Karasu was faced with the need to move one of its biggest clients from a hosted box office ticketing system that lacked any modern conveniences like automated back-up, redundancy, or scalability to a robust cloud-hosted solution that can flex to fill the needs and demands of a popular and growing theater company.

The Solution

As part of our business goals with the client, we migrated over an instance of MS SQL Server to MS SQL Server in RDS. The previous instance of the end-user solution lacked a backup service or failover protection. RDS also now provides the client with both failover and automatic backups in a seamless manner that requires no intervention from the end-user. Additionally, we migrated a .Net / IIS application run on a single VM to run with an Auto-balancer backed by an Autoscaling group to provide elasticity that the previous instance failed to provide.


RDS - for worry-free operations

RDS provides future proofing advantage over their past instance of their application.

AWS Backup Icon

Backups and Failover - closing the gaps

The client lacked any redundancies or backups. AWS provides protection from data loss & downtimes.

AWS Load Balancing Icon

Auto-Balancing and Auto-Scaling

As the client's business grows, so can the solution. They are no longer encumbered by hosting limits.







About AgileSRC and AWS

With a focus on being highly responsive and adaptive, AgileSRC provides unique experience and capabilities that blend the right mixture of quality, performance, and cost. From short-burn software development efforts to designing and building end-to-end projects, AgileSRC can operate autonomously or as a complementary team to help you achieve your technical and project goals. To achieve these goals, AgileSRC depends on the advanced power and solutions that AWS offers.

Next Steps

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