dvrWeb Case Study

Whiskey Systems

Whiskey Systems, the leading developer of distillery management software, chose AgileSRC to revamp and drive improvements to their web-based management system used by over 400+ craft distillers in the US and Canada.

Challenge IconThe Challenge

With multiple competitors in the marketplace, AgileSRC needed to identify ways to differentiate Whiskey Systems' application from others. Additionally, regulatory compliance played a major role in AgileSRC's efforts to enhance and simplify workflows while introducing elements that would create a more intuitive experience that would benefit users by cutting onboarding, training, and improving adoption.

The Solution

In close consultations with Whiskey Systems management AgileSRC began the process of examining the entire application ecosystem. Our development and UI teams quickly gathered the crucial operating principle that drives most, if not all, distillers. This meant that AgileSRC needed to quickly become experts on compliance and regulatory efforts in addition to having a complete start-to-finish comprehension of the distilling process.

Our ramp-up proved invaluable as we identified friction points that had historically hampered users. We quickly applied our knowledge and experience to redevelop the majority of the user interfaces to not only make them visually appealing but simple to understand and easy to interact with. The team applied a standard set of icons that were both easily identified and visually attractive to further our efforts to ensure a simplified onboarding process that would ultimately reduce costs for the client and ensure long-term customer engagement.

We continued our efforts by improving the applications invoicing management solution. Invoicing ties together almost all of Whiskey Systems' components to account for inventory, ensure correct compliance and regulatory reporting, and track sales and shipping. Again, we focused on how we could streamline the process of building invoices by reducing complications. The "Create Order" process now quickly leads the user through simple steps to gather and ultimately complete a customer's order and update inventory in real-time while building the needed governmental compliance reports.

Finally, AgileSRC was tasked with reengineering Whiskey Systems' native iOS app to broaden its user base by creating a cross-platform application. React Native was selected to provide speed, agility and to reduce future development costs. AgileSRC's development team was able to quickly develop the application using already created design elements from the web app, which in turn cut overall costs for the client. To complete our mobile work, we provided consulting services to submit the solution to both the Apple App Store and to the Google Play Store.

AgileSRC's efforts helped Whiskey Systems' original owners to attract a buyer and ultimately be acquired by a competitor.







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